2011 Kentucky Derby Contenders

2011 Kentucky Derby Contenders are yet again the world's most agile grade 1 thoroughbreds colts, fillies and geldings which will race one of the most famous and prestigious races in the American horse racing calendar. 2011 Kentucky Derby Contenders will run the at Churchill Downs track, home of the Kentucky Derby, and will battle over the title of the Kentucky Derby Winner which will also win the honor of having the Blanket of Roses laid upon him while receiving the Kentucky Derby trophy from the hands of the Kentucky Governor.

Much debate is being held now among American and international horse racing enthusiast and bettors over who which of the 2011 Kentucky Derby Contenders will make to the stalls and which of these will actually win the race. One thing is certain though, Kentucky Derby 2011 will be as exciting and rewarding as it has been up until now, thanks to the 2011 Kentucky Derby Contenders.