Handicapping is the well known art of picking the horse that is likely to win a race and is widely practiced in horse racing betting by many horse racing betting players. There is no point in approaching horse racing betting if handicapping is not used as a mean to improve betting. A bettor can blindly use tipping services but at the end of the day knowing a thing or two about handicapping can dramatically improve one’s betting

Handicapping treats various factors and aspects of the race as variables that affect the final outcome of the race by analyze them in accordance. Factors such as conditions of the course like shape, moisture in the ground, distance and going orientation, as well as horse related factors like the horses’ form and past performance are all used by the handicapping discipline in order to predict results of a given race as accurately as possible . Handicapping is crucial stage of horse racing betting and should be practiced and used by all bettors whenever going about horse racing betting.